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Best Prostate and Amazon.com

Effective January 2013 we have been able to successfully reach an agreement with Amazon.com and have found an effective remedy to deal with fraudulent reviews from customers who have never used or purchased our Best Prostate Formula.

Best Prostate Formula is now available for purchase once again at Amazon.com

Click Here to purchase Best Prostate at Amazon.com

or visit www.bestprostate.com or www.imsnaturally.com




Best Prostate and Amazon.com

In the past you may have purchased Best Prostate at Amazon.com.  Some customers have contacted us and have asked why we stopped selling on Amazon.com.

Unfortunately we have an issue with the product review process at Amazon. Anyone is able to leave a review for a product at Amazon even when they have never purchased or even tried the product. 

When someone purchases Best Prostate either via our websites www.bestprostate.com and www.imsnaturally.com or through www.amazon.com we have a record of the purchase and the ability to contact the purchaser in the event of any unforeseen issues.   An example would be a recall in the event that it was necessary.  This is in compliance with the FDA “Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act” . 

When we noticed reviews that were obviously fraudulent we contacted Amazon.com to have them removed and despite this Amazon refused.  Hence we felt that consumers were obviously being mis-led by these reviews. Due to some companies that practice un-ethical marketing practices in the North American and annual litigation costs to address these fraudulent actions we felt it necessary to discontinue our product from sales at Amazon.com.

We are reconsidering our position and are attempting to work with Amazon once again, however, we will not compromise honesty or integrity when it comes to any product we sell. 

Thank you for understanding our position on this matter.  In addition we feel that reviews provided by parties who have not actually purchased or used a product violate Federal Trade Commission laws.