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Warning Lab reports do not show prostate products are effective. Beware and the Men’s Guide to Prostate Supplements tries to tell customers looking for a prostate formula that Prostavar is ranked number 2 and that Prostagenix is ranked number 1.  The manufacturer of Prostavar is Superbalife International LLC, owner and operator Fred Buckley. After 13 years in business this company receives a “NR (not rated)” with Customer Complaints filed against the company at the Better Business Bureau website.  This is not normal as other companies who are also not paying members of BBB or accredited do get a rating. An example being IMS Supplements, Inc. the maker’s of Best Prostate ®. Note that in 10 years IMS Supplements, Inc. has no customer complaints.

The following image is from the FTC disclosure statement for which  confirms this ownership. Prostavar is manufactured by Superbalife International the owner of this website.

The owner of this award winning website is Superbalife International and gives it’s own products the best ratings. No awards are published for this website and none are disclosed.




These are the relationships:








No clinical studies have been performed or published that either of these products are more effective or better than any other product that these websites allegedly rank as inferior or superior.

Mr. Fred Buckley is also the owner of the product Prostagenix under a new company name  Verified Nutrition, LLC.  His websites and his newest website below both have the owner identified as Mr. Fred Buckley in the FTC Disclosures.

On this owner operated website that Mr. Buckley states that ALL opinions on the site are his and he is the author as evidenced in the preceding image.  The image below show where it is his opinion that his product Prostagenix is rated #1 on his website















The following image is the landing page for and the celebrity Mr. Larry King is identified as a PAID Endorser of Prostagenix in the FTC Disclosure above.

















Mr. Larry King is an actor with no medical training or education in the field of dietary supplements, chemistry or pharmacology.  He is not an authority and he is not trained in the medical field. This misleads the consumer to believe that he is a credentialed authority in this field.

The Best Prostate ® product label at shows a bottle of product that was manufactured in 2010.  The label on the bottle states the company as  Nature’s Healthy Supplements, Inc..  All Best Prostate formula manufactured from  2011 to present has used the new corporate name IMS Supplements, Inc..  The red button encourages the reader to SEE LAB REPORT.   The lab report is dated November 5, 2015 which is over 5 years after the date of manufacture of the  product shown.   The ingredients used in the product shown would have expired in 2012.

The following is the Lab Report posted by Mr. Fred Buckley.  Note that the report contains no Lot # or date of expiration. The lab report does not identify the laboratory that performed the Certificate of Analysis.  All Certificates of Analysis contain  a Lot # which would clearly identify the product being tested.  The report as shown on the website is fake and not the actual Certificate of Analysis as performed by any independent laboratory. Certificates of Analysis do not contain financial information AMEX.




















The accusations made by his website against any product manufactured in a certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) or registered GMP facility are both defamatory and slanderous as these certified and registered facilities have mandatory testing requirements that certify that all the product manufactured meets the label claims of the Supplements Facts Table printed on the label. If the product does not meet these label claims it is not sold to the consumer. All cGMP and rGMP facilities store every lot # of manufactured product and a Certificate of Analysis of that lot #.  The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does periodically review these records and on occasion send lot samples to labs for independent testing to ensure that the Certificate of Analysis has not been made up or fabricated.  No certified or registered GMP manufacturer would risk their certification or registered status and face both possible jail time and heavy fines.

When consumers buy a supplement they should look at the product label. And confirm that the product is produced in a certified GMP or registered GMP facility. Best Prostate ® has this right on the label of every bottle.    This is how consumers protect themselves.

The companies that manufacture both Prostagenix and Prostavar are all owned by Mr. Fred Buckley.

Mr. Fred Buckley is the owner and  President of Verified Nutrition, LLC.

Mr. Fred Buckley is the owner and author of  Mr. Fred Buckley is the owner and president of Superbalife International, LLC the manufacturer of Prostavar and the owner operator of the website

Consumers are warned that these products and websites are all owned and operated by Mr. Fred Buckley. No comparative clinical studies  or data validate the prostate products ranking on these websites. The rankings are subjective and it is clearly disclosed that the manufacturer of Prostavar and Prostagenix are owned and operated by the same individual and the owner and creator or these websites.